Serenity, is our inner treasure and if you've been looking for it outside, it's time you find it inside

Now in Koh Phangan

Meditation and Sharing circle
with Gita

Gita will guide a few minutes of sitting in silence and than will open a sharing circle with the opportunity to work one on one with Gita and get to the bottom of whatever is realy bothering you. Why? Because this way you can realy be Calm and Peaceful. When? Mondays at 11:30-13:00

Meditation course for Teachers

.A deep Meditation course for teachers The first semester is about creating Inner-Balance and reaching the Inner-Silence, while learning 8 different Meditation techniques and 8 inner-work tools to reach Happiness. The first semester is a process of inner work and is recommended even if you are not a teacher. We work in a samll group of 10-12 so that it makes it achievable for each and every participant to go as deep as possible in the self process of cleansing Paradigms and Automatic reaction to
life. We built the faundation to our freedom to use the free will to realy choose in our daily life the way we want to React, Act and Be. The course will be led in English with translation to the ones that need to other languages as Hebrew, Spanish, Potugais. 40 hours course- 8 meetings of 5 hours each during 8 weeks in a raw

Meditation retreat- Make Peace

A weekend Meditation retreat with Gita that will take you back to your inner silence. In this weekend we will see and expiriance all that is preventing your silence and we will work with the feelings and thoughts as to come to term with them. The tools that you will use in the retreat will be useful for you in your daily life

Zen Retreat

Two days Zen retreat. Learning the Za-Zen - sitting Meditation as well as getting to know the history of the Zen and the philosophy behind and in the Zen. All of this through Zen stories and Zen questions. A silent and enjoying spirit way to learn and practice
Hi, I am Gita - a Dharma Teacher. I started my journey in the coaching and Therapy and was introduced to Meditation by a Vipassana course in 2001. Later on I met with a Zen Master and followed him, and the practice to the sources in Monestaries in Japan, Korea, Thailnad and France. When I came back to Israel, I opened a small Meditation centre and for a couple of years I am teaching also in Koh Phangan. My main Meditation Education is Zen Buddhaism but I am using all the tools I have recieved along the way; Vippasana, Mindfulness and the Heart Path which is now my Path. In short, I pay forward whatever I expiriance and works for me Becasue I believe we all want the same- SILENCE, PEACE, SATISFACTION, MEANING. I have this vision of a world that everybody lives peacefully and love is all around. Call me naive but this is what makes me wake up and do the work I am doing